EdCampxEDU Schedule!

Here is the link to the EdCampxEDU schedule outline

The above link is the schedule for the day. On the day of the EdCamp, attendees will be able to post session ideas in the morning and throughout the day. Every room will have access to a projector, speakers, and a screen. We will have some extra Apple dongles on hand, but bring your own if you will be using a Mac.

Attendees will have ample time in the morning to build the schedule, however; I have linked an open Google doc to begin that process. I invite all in attendance to post their name, school, twitter handle and possible session idea. Also, be sure to follow #edcampxedu all week to find out about any updates.


I’m proud


RJ and Sidd of BHS Help Desk

One of the elements I enjoy most about being a teacher is the element of surprise. I’m referring to that moment when a student, or group of students really amazes you. You mentor these students, give them your best as a teacher day in and day out without any required thanks, and occasionally this student or students  unintentionally returns the favor in the form of intrinsic motivation. They’re driven because they find purpose in what they are learning or doing. This couldn’t be more evident than with my help desk students who are organizing and running EdCampxEDU.

This is the first, to my knowledge, EdCamp designed, organized and carried out entirely by students. While I have been an advisor to these students, I have remained on the periphery of this project. Initially, I met with students who were interested in organizing this event and gave them the run down on what the format was and how an EdCamp functioned. Having organized three ntcamps (an edcamp format for new teachers) and created and run EdCamp Tuesdays at Burlington High School along with Dennis Villano, I knew what it took to make an EdCamp work. It’s a daunting task for any team of organizers.

The EdCampxEDU organizers have stepped up to the challenge. This week I observed as the team started receiving prizes from various vendors to give out on June 1st, I watched as they planned the opening address, and prepped the final details of planning. Oh, and when the organization team is not planning EdCampxEDU, they are at track or baseball practice, attending a full schedule of classes, or getting ready for work at his or her part time job. Some even managed to fit in prom last Friday.

This experience will impact them more than any SAT exam, AP Test or MCAS test. This experience provides students with the opportunity to elicit skill sets and apply them to a purposeful scenario. It’s project based and challenge based learning at its best. It meets the needs of many common core standards and is something that will stand out on any college application or resume. This team wil get to say,

“I designed, organized and carried out an education conference”.

“I managed a budget and networked with vendors.”

“I used social media for advertising and web 2.0 tools for marketing and promotion.”

I am proud of these students.

If you would like to register for EdCampxEDU or sponsor our event, please visit this link

Registration is open for EdCampxEDU

edcampxThe EdCampxEDU team is excited to announce registration for the first EdCamp organized and run by students. Our team has been working hard to prepare for this event and is very excited to launch our free tickets.

Also, our planning team will begin accepting sponsors for our event. If you would like to sponsor in kind or provide a monetary donation, register as a sponsor for our event. While we will have no designated vendor area at the EdCamp, we will add sponsor logo to all media and feature your company on our site. We will also thank you at our event and post your logo around the venue during the day. Our budget, and what we can provide to our attendees on the day of the event is determined by the generosity of vendors.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact organizers@edcampxedu.org